Tex-Lock Frame Lock Mate
Tex-Lock Frame Lock Mate

Tex-Lock Frame Lock Mate

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The award-winning, recommended, certified textile based bike lock

Do you have an e-bike or pedal cycle with a frame lock? Are you looking for an additional solution to stop thieves from carrying or wheeling your bike away? Then we’ve got something for you! The tex—lock mate is a flexible frame lock extension that you connect directly to the frame lock. Pull it round a fixed object and through the bicycle frame. Now insert the pin into the frame lock opening and lock the frame lock.

Like our tex—lock eyelet, we also manufacture the tex—lock mate using multiple layers of high-tech fiber and a hardened metal core. Each layer performs a specific function and protects your bike from being stolen, warding off attacks using bolt cutters, fire, or a saw. The soft surface of the bicycle lock protects your bike from scratches and your ears from rattling noises. The universal pin at the end of the tex—lock mate is hardened and fits into standard frame locks. With a length of 120 cm (47¼”), you’ll always find somewhere to secure your bike, wherever you are.

  • tex—lock mate: textile frame lock extension made from high-tech fibers with plastic-coated metal eyelets and a universal pin that fits into standard frame locks

  • 2 colors: gray and black

  • Universal length: 120 cm (47¼”)

  • Weight: 1040 g (2 lb 4½ oz) (excluding frame lock)

  • Includes the tex—lock transport bag, can be attached to a luggage rack or the top tube

  • Please note: Frame lock is not supplied!